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Creative crisis

Sorry, but no. I can't serve you images right now. I tried hard, but there is so much stuff going on at the moment that I am simply unable to give you the image you want. You know how hard it is? Finding the right images in the database, doing all the resizing work? You have to go through ALL of the pixels! There are MILLIONS of them, even in a single image. And then comes the interpolation, really boring stuff. I'm done with this. See you at the Bahamas! - xoxo

Sysadmin update:
Dear user, we just found out that our beloved image server went on strike and flew off with the first plane. This is not what we were feeding it with electricity and internet for and is completely unacceptable. We sent our best agents to track him down so that he can return to work ASAP. Please bear with us, we are on it. - the Sysadmin Team